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Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka-1206,

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Standard Features of BHL


The followings are the standard building specifications of BAROBI Holdings Ltd. The concerned parties are at liberty to choose features from the options given bellow or even suggest inclusion of features not specified in this listing.

It is obvious that the project cost would vary depending on the features chosen by the concerned parties.



  • Front Elevation of the building will have a combination of Glass/Brick Cladding/SS Plate/Sand Stone etc. and/or fare face finish.
  • Professionally designed greenery enhanced entrance (as per available space).
  • Creatively designed and made logo with possible combination of brushed aluminium, glass, marble or granite used for the project name,    address and easily visible company logo on the front facade.
  • Common area designed to highlight the landscaping.
  • Water body designed and fitted (if land area permits) in a carefully suited location to welcome visitors with a serene surrounding blended with use of modern and decorative fittings.
  • Surrounded with a secured and well-designed boundary wall.
  • Ornately designed entrance gate.
  • Provision for ‘To-Let’ Boards.



  • Elegantly designed reception lobby with carefully selected marble/tiles and lights.
  • Guest waiting area with seating facilities and separate washroom (if land area permits).
  • Glass door at the entrance (as per design).
  • Decorative ceilings with lights will be used to enhance the grandeur of the lobby.
  • Use of stylish materials throughout the lobby and the emphasis on a smartly designed reception counter for visitor’s check-in form a part of the concierge area.
  • Nicely framed notice board in a suitable location for community use in common area or in the reception lobby.



  • High ceiling to allow ample light and ventilation.
  • Ground floor level will be 2.5ft (as per design) height from the road level.
  • Approach ramp will be covered with elegant paving tiles (as per design).
  • Nicely decorated guest waiting area with washroom (if land area permits).
    Ceilings on ground floor will be either covered with RCC to hide the sanitary pipes or with proper treatment with PVC combined with veneered boards or if possible combinations with wooden strips and other elements.
  • Planters with brick cladding or paving tiles to give a neat look and make them maintenance free on ground floor.
  • Plants and greenery wherever possible in the ground floor.
  • Properly fabricated water barrier for protection in case of flooding.
    Proper drainage facility around the periphery of the building for easy water drainage.
  • Garbage bin with easy access for the residents and garbage collectors.
  • Driver’s waiting area (either on Ground floor or Basement).
  • Centrally located guard room for easy monitoring of the gates.
  • Caretaker’s accommodation with toilet.



  • Adequate car parking spaces with artistically designed paving tiles or cladding bricks. Paving bricks will be used in colour combinations to enhance the driveway and parking spaces.
  • Columns will be partly tiled or clad with bricks with column guards to prevent damage by cars.
  • The parking spaces will be reserved through marking respective apartment numbers.
  • Wheel guard for each car parking.


BASEMENT (Where Applicable)

  • Adequate car parking spaces in the Basement floor in addition to that of ground floor (as per design).
  • Basement will be designed with proper light and ventilation provision from wide openings through suitable located voids, periphery openings and through the use of heavy duty exhaust fan.
  • Driver’s waiting area (Either on Ground floor or Basement).
  • Proper fans, water drainage system designed to ensure fast and easy water drainage in case of heavy rains for prevention of rain water flooding into the basement.
  • Adequate lighting system.
  • Fully tiled basement floor (as per design).



  • Adequately proportioned staircases will be tiled to enhance the beauty of the complex and make maintenance easier.
  • Tiled floors with attractively designed walls for elegant look of lift lobbies on every floor.
  • Stair flight up to 1 floor landing will be of marble/tiles or as per design.



  • Exterior surface will be painted with Weather Coat or Master Coat Paint. Brand: Elite or equivalent.



  • Required number of 6/8 men lift or depending on size of the project.
  • Brand             –            OTTIS/LG or equivalent.
  • Lift will be with –
    • Inverter
    • Voltage Stabilizer
    • Adequate lighting & emergency alarm.
    • Well finished door, cabin and mirrors on the wall.
    • Capacity to serve residents in every floor.
    • Hand Phone.
  • Decorative material like marble, granite or decorative stone finish tiles or slates or rustic tiles will be used on lift walls on the ground floor.



  • 1 (One) Auto Starter Generator to ensure un-interrupted power supply. The Generator will have –
    • Engine                -            Perkins / Cummins or equivalent.
    • Alternator           -            Stamford / Mecc Alte or equivalent.
    • Rating                -            as per calculated requirement.
    • Capacity            -            as per calculated requirement.
  • The Generator will serve as the back-up electricity supply for the followings –
    • Lift.
    • Water Pump.
    • Lighting in common spaces and stairs.
    • 3/4 bulbs, 3/4 fans in each flat or as per client’s choice.



  • A Sub-station of brand             –            Transpac / Radiant Power / Betelco or equivalent.
    Sub Station will have –
    • Transformer                       –            rating as per equipment and requirement.
    • HT Switch Gear (LBS); if required.
    • Power Factor Improvement (PFJ) Plant.
    • Drop Out Fuse (DOF).
    • Lightening Arrestor (LA).
    • Heat Sink.





  • Water supply with one common meter for main connection from WASA.
  • Underground water reservoir (with capacity of 2 days consumption).
  • Lifting pump (Brand            —            SAER / PEDROLO or equivalent).
  • Overhead tank on the roof top with capacity of 1 / ½ day consumption.



  • Gas connection from TITAS (as per Govt Policy).
  • Gas pipeline connection as per total calculated consumption.
  • Gas Pipe            –            G. I. pipe (Diamond / Bashundhara or equivalent).
  • Individual Gas riser with regulator for each apartment.
  • Provision for LP Gas.



  • Electricity supply 220 / 440V with separate main cable of DPDC / DESCO.
    Panel / distribution board.
  • Individual/Single Digital Meter for electrical connection in each apartment.
    Separate Digital Meter for common use.
  • Auto-starter Generator will ensure back up of electricity supply.



  • Sewerage system will be planned for long term requirement.



  • Provision for Broad Band Internet connection.
  • Provision for Telephone connection.


FIRE PROTECTON (as per client’s choice and design)

  • Fire escape for emergency exit with iron protected door.
  • Fire Alarm at every floor to provide auto alarm.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Fire Hydrant for every floor with hose pipe (if above 8 storied).
  • Sprinkler at basement.



  • Lime Terracing of adequate thickness for protection from overheating and dampness maintaining proper slope for smooth roof top.
  • Protective parapet wall.
  • Paving Blocks, Tiles, Rocks and Seating arrangement.
  • Separated area for each apartment with lines for drying laundry.
  • Provision for a gymnasium with full height mirror on one wall and AC provision (as per client’s choice).
  • A Bar-B-Q area, sink and counter top (as per client’s choice).



  • Community Hall will be on the Ground Floor / 1st Floor / Roof Top (as per client’s choice or design).
  • Community Hall will have proper lighting and power points throughout the room, provision of AC Point, kitchen with basin, granite work top and toilet.




Apartment Layout

  • Each floor will have number of apartments as per space, location, user’s choice or as per design.
  • Starting from the first floor up to the top floor, the layout will be well-lighted and adequately ventilated.
  • Each unit will be designed to maximize the usability of square footage.
  • While designing the layout of the apartments, the architects will put emphasis on the orientation and the location of the plot.
  • Carefully arranged doors, verandas and windows.
  • All apartments will have a foyer (as per client’s choice).



  • Floors            –            Tiles. Origin – RAK/Chinese or equivalent.
  • Walls             –            Wall tiles with Border & Decor up to full height.
    Origin - RAK/Chinese or equivalent.
  • Doors            –            Strong, durable Vinyl flush door shutters with wooden frame.
  • Sanitary Wares –
    • Comb closets in bathrooms.
    • Basin counter top with shutter at the bottom in master bathroom.
    • Pedestal basin in other bathrooms.
    • Bathtub in master bathroom (as per client’s choice).
    • Shower Tray in other bathrooms (as per client’s choice).
    • Full width mirror along counter top in all bathrooms. Origin - Malaysia / Indonesia / Taiwan.
    • All bathrooms with shelving area with spot light and glass shelves.
      Stainless Steel cockroach gratings in all bathrooms.
    • Push Shower with combine bib cock in all bathrooms.
    • Soap case, towel rail, shower certain rail, toilet paper holder in all bathrooms. Brand – BD/China/Malaysia or equivalent.
    • Concealed hot and cold water lines in all bathrooms.
    • Energy Saving Light point and Tube light holders.
  • Maid’s Bathroom
  • Floor and wall tiles up to 7ft high.
  • Indian Pan, shower space and mirror.



  • Floors            –            Tiles. Origin - RAK/Chinese or equivalent.
  • Walls             –            Wall tiles with Border & Décor up to full height.
    Origin            –            RAK/Chinese or equivalent.
  • Doors            –            Strong and durable veneered flush door shutters with wooden frame.
  • Concrete platform at 2’8” height with granite/tiles top.
  • Single/Double burner gas outlet.
  • Provision for washing machine appropriately placed in the kitchen veranda.
  • Highly polished counter top single/double bowl sink with mixer.
  • Glazed tiled down wash area in the kitchen.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • LPG Provision in Kitchen veranda.
  • Kitchen hood (as per client’s choice).



  • Exterior walls will provide enough insulation to prevent dampness.
  • Exterior surface will be decorative to give an elegant look as per design.



  • Tiles (16”x16”) in foyer/bed rooms/dining/living/family living. Origin            –            RAK/Chinese or equivalent.



  • Ceilings will be 9/9½/10 ft high (as per design).
  • Decorative CC finish ceiling edges in all bedrooms, foyer, dining, living and family living.



  • Termite protected, pre-treated wood will be used throughout the building.
  • Main entrance door will have - door chain, check viewer, door knocker, door handle with lock, yale lock and name plate.
  • Strong and durable veneered flush door shutters with French polish for internal doors except maid’s quarter.
  • Decorative moulding on internal door frames of Teak Chamble/Gameri.
  • Mortise lock on all doors.
  • Fabricated sliding safety grill doors in rooms using rubber to minimize sound and having mosquito net in 4 inch aluminium section interlinked with front façade verandas.


  • Sliding windows with glass complete with mohair lining and rain water barrier in 4 inch aluminium section.
    Brand of Aluminium            –            Thai or KM or equivalent.
  • Safety grills on windows. Size - 3/4 inch x 1/4 inch flat bar.
  • Fly proof netting of 5 mm thickness in aluminium section on all windows.
  • Reflective and double glazing glass windows in the front façade.
  • Stainless Steel veranda railing with glass/other decorative finish (as per design).



  • Smooth finish luxury silk plastic paint on walls and ceilings in soft colour. Brand - Elite or equivalent.
  • Grills will be coloured with enamel paint.

Electrical Features

  • Gang type electric switch, plug points and other fittings.
    Brand            –            MK, Singapore/UK.
  • All electric wiring will be concealed.
    Brand- Paradise or equivalent.
  • Intercom Connection with concierge.
  • Electric distribution box with main circuit breaker.
    Brand - Siemens or MB or equivalent.
  • Independent Digital Electric Meter for main electricity supply.
    Brand            –            Hosaf or Hyundai or equivalent.
  • Concealed Spot lights. Locations – Bedrooms / Dining / Family living.
  • Imported Fancy light fixtures. Locations - All Bedrooms / Living Room / Family living Room.
  • Satellite Dish Antenna - Master Bedroom / Living Room / Family Living Room.
  • Power point for Air-conditioner - Bed rooms / Living Rooms.
  • Broad Band Internet Connection point - Bed rooms / Living Rooms.
  • Telephone Connection point - Bed rooms / Living Rooms.
  • Concealed Ceiling Fan provision - Bedrooms / Living Room / Family Living Room.
  • Maid’s Calling Bell switch - Bedrooms / Dining.
  • All Power Outlets properly earthed.





  • Solid Bricks               –            st class bricks.
  • Hollow Bricks            –            Best quality Hollow bricks.
    Brand - Mirpur ceramic or equivalent (as per design).
  • Cement                     –           Structural Works.
    Brand - Holcim / Bashundhara / Cemex or equivalent.
  • Steel                          –            X-TREME -500w or 60-grade deformed bar or
    Torsteel (12mm~25mm), 40-grade deformed
    bar (8mm~10mm).
    Brand                         –            BSRM / RSRM / Bashundhara or equivalent (as per design).
  • Sand                          –            Sylhet Coarse Sand (FM - 2.5), Local Coarse
    Sand (FM 1.2~4.5).
  • Aggregates                 –           Stone / Brick Chips (as per design).



  • Structural design parameters based ort on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) codes.
  • Structural analysis for design using latest computer software.



  • Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation.
  • Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frames and shear wall core.



  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively analysed by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques.
  • Total foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional structural design engineers.
  • Comprehensive section-by-section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional design supervising engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel, cement, bricks, sand and other aggregates of highest standard and screened for quality including laboratory testing.
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified civil engineers to ensure highest quality of workmanship.



  • Earthquake and Wind protection as per BNBC Code.
  • Adequate safety measures during construction to avoid accidents.
  • Fire protection features in the site.



  • Construction site equipment like crane, rope hoist, tower hoist, gondola, worker’s lift, mechanical rollers, steel cutting & bending equipment, welding equipment, concrete mixers, concrete vibrators, water pumps, material handling equipment, levelling equipment etc. will be used.
  • Land owner’s co-operation for uninterrupted use of the constructional equipment is pre-requisite.