House # 199 (Planet Ornate), Road # 01,
Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka-1206,

Manager (Marketing & Sales) 01938845572

Asst. Manager (Marketing & Sales) 01938845573

Message from MD

We don't claim to be the pioneer in the field of development business,nor do we claim to be the top rated; but we definitely claim to be a company built to maintain trust. Trust is not only a word to be spoken, but nurtured. In Barobi, we preach and practice  this in all our business relations with the valued clients.

We maintain a high standard of all materials and most importantly in our workmanship. professional touch will be felt in every step. However,all could only be achieved through cordial cooperation of the clients and at the end of the day we assure a satisfactory end result. I hope BAROBI Holding Ltd will become a leading business company in near future.